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The Kabi Deep Space Artifact, or "The Artifact" for short, was an artifact of unknown material, unknown construction, and unknown purpose found in deep space by Sidonia. Shaped as a series of holes on geometric facets of a pyramid, it was scouted by several members of the Immortal Ship Committee: Lala Hiyama, Kobayashi, Ochiai, and Hiroki Saitou.

The artifact

The Artifact

Construction Edit

The Artifact was several dozen kilometers to a side, massing far more than Sidonia. Its most striking features are a number of holes or pits on every side, some of which led to the Artifact's interior. These holes give it an appearance similar to swiss cheese or a pomegranate.

Investigation Edit

A Guardian team, supported by Ochiai, was sent from Sidonia to investigate the Artifact. During their investigation, they discovered a dormant Gauna hiding in the cracks of the structure. This Gauna activated and began attacking the Guardian crew, taking the life of one Guardian pilot before being struck by a mysterious shard in the middle of the Artifact - the material that would come to be known as "Kabi." This led to Ochiai's realization that these shards could be used to combat the Gauna.


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