Duty (任務 Ninmu) is the nineth episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

Nagate and Izana visit the Thousand-Year Village, awed by its cherry blossoms and other natural attractions, while Yuhata and Tsumugi search for a way to spy on them. However, Izana discovers that Nagate had taken her there on her grandmother's orders (supposed to have been kept secret from Izana), and is furious and hurt, thinking Nagate doesn't care for her. Yuhata and Tsumugi, who see the two fight, return home and spend a sleepless night worried about what happened between them. Meanwhile, Sidonia arrives at the Lem Star System; in order secure a foothold on planet Lem IX, a reconnaissance party of four pilots using the Hayakaze Armor is prepared. However, one of the selected pilots deserts and is arrested for treason, resulting in Izana being called in as a replacement. Halfway through the mission, Izana, using an advanced radar system only she can operate due to the superhuman dexterity of her prosthetic hand, detects a hazy object which is revealed to be a new type of Gauna. The Gauna proves resistant to artifical kabi, and the reconnaissance team is forced to scatter as Nagate and Tsumugi, fearing for Izana's life, can only watch helplessly through the monitor.

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