Reunion (再会 Saikai) is the eighth episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

Arriving home after helping with repairs to the damage from the Graviational Beam Emitter test, Nagate and Izana are surprised to find that Yuhata has moved into their house. Izana meets with her grandmother Yure, who takes her for a walk, with the two wearing dresses from the latter's youth, but when Yure is called back to work, Izana tries to sneak back home to change, embarrassed by the revealing outfit. Unfortunately, she runs into Nagate before she can make it; as the two walk home together, Yuhata notices them from a window, but, not recognizing Izana in her striking outfit, is furious to see Nagate with another girl. Upon meeting with Sasaki, Yure reveals to her what really happened during the Gravitational Beam Emitter test and asks for her help. Later, Yure, seeing an unhappy Izana, secretly coerces Nagate into taking on an "assignment" at the Thousand-Year Village, one of the most picturesque parts of Sidonia, and taking Izana with him. Izana happily accepts his invitation, believing that he intends to take her on a real date, much to Yuhata's distress.

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