Rumbling (鳴動 Meidō) is the seventh episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

The Gravitational Beam Emitter goes out of control, and a team of Guardians is assigned to check on the situation. As Ochiai, Kobayashi and Kunato evacuate, Yure attempts to shut the device down just when it self-destructs, annihilating all matter in the vicinity and almost killing her. Despite that, Kobayashi insists on development of the weapon in preparation for the imminent war with the Gauna. Afterwards, Nagate and some other pilots are introduced to a new weapon which they will test, the Hayakaze Mobile Support Armor, and Samari shows concerns about it. Samari then invites Nagate to dine with him, and while hearing some words of comfort, expresses some will to spend the night with him, just to find out that he just passed out. In a later occasion, Izana has some trouble while donning her space suit and discovers that her body is changing. Later at night, Yuhata pays a visit to Nagate's house and reveals to him and Izana that she already knows about Tsumugi living with them, and asks them to keep it a secret from everyone else. In the occasion, Izana reveals her condition to Yuhata, who points out that her body is developing female features, possibly in response to her budding feelings for a male. Meanwhile, at Lem VII, the colonists are working on their settling on the planet when they are attacked by the Gauna.

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