Activation (起動 Kidō) is the sixth episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

Nagate spends the night at Izana's house when Tsumugi emerges from the floor, much to the pair's surprise. While preparations are made for Kunato's new weapon created using Gauna technology, the Gravitational Beam Emitter to be tested, Nagate looks for a new house and decides to search for a place close to Tsumugi's chambers, and from which she could easily visit him by sneaking her probe through the ventilation system, inviting Izana to move with him once he finds it. Afterwards, the test for the Gravitational Beam Emitter is considered a success, with the weapon easily piercing through a dwarf planet, but some tentacles from the weapon start spreading by the power cables, a fact that is seemingly overlooked.

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