Rage (激昂 Gekikō) is the fourth episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

The Guardians form a defensive line against a second wave of Gaunas incoming from the main body, when Tsumugi manages to free herself and disobeying Kunato's orders to retreat, keeps fighting in a state of fury, despite her wounds. Izana steps in to calm her down and her Guardian ends up too damaged to continue. While Tsumugi takes Izana to safety, Nagate and the others keep attacking the main body until it fuses all its remaining cores into a single structure that fires a powerful Hyggs beam that destroys several Guardians and threatens to deal a lethal blow on Sidonia. However, Tsumugi uses her own body as a shield to deflect the beam and protect the ship. Before the Gauna has a chance to fire again, Nagate ejects Tsugumori's own main propulsor to create an explosion that exposes the main core for the other pilots to destroy it for good. Once recovering, Nagate calls for Izana and Tsumugi, and a wounded Izana calls back, asking for help, with her guardian holding Tsumugi's body, which is severely damaged.

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