Random Encounter (邂逅 Kaikō) Reunion (再会 Saikai) is the eleventh episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

Izana and the squad leader abandon their crashed Guardians and explore the surface of Lem IX until they are spotted by a large humanoid Gauna, which pursues them relentlessly to the edge of a cliff. The cliff collapses beneath the two pilots, but as they fall in the direction of a swarm of flying Gauna, they are rescued in the nick of time by Nagate. However, he is quickly surrounded by the same Gauna and is forced to stand and fight, completely exhausting his ammunition before finishing off the last three enemies with a special kabi-bladed sword. Meanwhile, Tsumugi defeats the Benisuzume, but just as she is about to destroy its core, she hesitates at the sight of a human-like copy of Shizuka that appears from inside it. Before Tsumugi can react, Benisuzume suddenly pierces her with a long lance-like spike and drains her of most of her energy supply, using it to restore itself. The Gauna then impales Tsumugi with volleys of spikes, and prepares to destroy her core, until Nagate appears and engages it in combat. However, when his Guardian's head camera is destroyed, the Gauna infiltrates his cockpit and a placental manifestation of Shizuka appears in front of him.

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