Protean gauna

The Protean Gauna after being exposed by the Heigus Particle Cannon

The Protean Gauna, also known as Small Mass Union Ship Aulos, is the name given to the Gauna encountered by the Mizuki on her shakedown voyage away from Sidonia. Estimated to contain 500-1000 Cores, it remained hidden until exposed by a shot from the Mizuki's Heigus Particle Cannon.

Characteristics Edit


The Protean Gauna contained 500-1000 True Bodies, measured 2.5 kilometers in diameter, and was covered by a gas that helped diffuse Heigus Particles. After being attacked, the Gauna changed shape and was shown to contain numerous individual Gauna, similar to an attack carrier.

The individual Gauna sent out by the Protean Gauna seemed to have a different objective from previous Gauna encountered by Sidonia; instead of destruction, they seemed more interested in capturing Guardians and their pilots.

After capturing three Garde pilots, they were converted into Gauna, then released back to Mizuki.

The Protean Gauna was killed by the Mizuki during its shakedown cruise.

Biology Edit

The Gauna's biology seems to be focused on holding a large number of small Gauna. With three primary cores, it can sustain multiple hits from the Mizuki's main cannon; and with a large number of expendable Gauna, it can engage the Mizuki with little regard for its own safety. Unlike other Mass Union Ships, it does not have a single core.


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