'Megastructure is a recently developed ceramic material by Toha Heavy Industries.

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Megastructure is a new experimental material that has great promises in combat and defense applications. Very light and with high grade tensile strength, it is being developed to strengthen the defensive and combat capabilities of future generation gardes units. The Type 19 cockpits are currently being refitted with the material towards their cockpits to increase the survival of their fighter pilots while the rest are being utilized to develop the Type 20. Its physical nature is difficult to control once it is hardened and take its form; engineers had to prefabricate various shapes for the megastructure to take on before it becomes too hard to manipulate. Currently, engineers are experimenting with 30% purity grade towards their armor and Toha has been pleased with the remarkable results it has against the Gauna as its megastructure enhanced units have helped increase in combat victories as well as pilot survival rates.


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