The Assault on the Large Mass Union Ship was a combined arms operation launched by Sidonia against the Large Mass Union Ship in the Lem system.

Strategic Objective Edit

Assault operation

The initial briefing of the assault

The strategic objective of the assault is to attack and eliminate the Large Mass Union Ship. Using a series of Semi-Autonomous Converters to power Graviton Radiation Emitters, Sidonia would assault the Large Mass Union Ship, destroying its true bodies and eliminating the Gauna presence from Lem.

Operational Stages Edit

The strategic objective would be accomplished through several distinct stages, each one relying on new technologies developed in the recent Gauna war.

Stage One: Deploy and Use the Semi-Autonomous Converters Edit

Started during the Mizuki's shakedown cruise, and completed afterwards, eight converters orbited Lem's star, and would provide the power necessary to assault the Large Mass Union Ship.

Stage Two: Escort and Deploy the Graviton Radiation Emitters Edit

Escorted by the First and Second Assault Fleets, made up of Tadugane-class Warships and Type 19 Gardes, the two mechanical emitters would be towed into place above Lem's star, attaching themselves to the converters and preparing for the assault.

Stage Three: Scan and Locate the Mass Union Ship Edit

Utilizing the enhanced scanning capabilities of Shinatose Izana, the Recon Fleet would identify and pinpoint the location of the Large Mass Union Ship.

Stage Four: Assault the Mass Union Ship Edit

The fourth and final stage of the assault would be using the emitters to attack and destroy the Large Mass Union Ship.

Stage One Edit

Stage One was accomplished during and after the Mizuki's shakedown cruise. Eight converters were set up in an orbit around Lem's star, with all eight slowly gathering energy for the use of the emitters.

Stage Two Edit

Stage Two began with the launch of three fleets: the First Assault Fleet, made up of nine Tadugane-class warships and a Graviton Radiation Emitter, the Second Assault Fleet, made up of another nine Tadugane-class warships and a Graviton Radiation Emitter, and the Recon Fleet, made up of another nine Tadugane-class warships.

The three fleets left Sidonia and proceeded to their positions. After being approached by a group of Mass Union Ships, the First Assault Fleet reconfigured the Gravitational Radiation Emitter into a powerful engine, escaping and The First Assault Fleet encountered the chimera Kanata, under Ochiai's control, and lost two ships battling with Kanata. After their battle with Kanata, they engaged several Mass Union Ships.

The Second Assault Fleet encountered Gauna, and were almost completely wiped out, including the loss of their own Graviton Radiation Emitter. Facing a Mass Union Ship composed of a hundred thousand Gauna, the fleet is slowly destroyed, until the Mass Union Ship finally attacks the Graviton Radiation Emitter itself, destroying it and the rest of the fleet. Only the flagship survived the assault, heavily damaged from the attack.

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