Kouichi Tsuruuchi (弦打 攻市 Tsuruuchi Kouichi) is a senior pilot and a member of the Samari squad.

Personality & CharacterEdit


Tsuruuchi receives a punch in the face for a crude joke.


"If I don't do this, we all die."

Tsuruuchi is very easy-going. He tends to make rude jokes to people, some of them about his commanding officer Samari Ittan. However once he gets to combat, he seems to change considerably, from a jackass jock, to a very skilled pilot. He is sometimes easily discouraged, after Akai Squad's devestating failure to defeat Gauna 487, he asks Samari if they could do it either. But in the battle with the Large Mass Union ship, he becomes very  noble, sacrificing his chance of getting home to destroy the monstrous Gauna pod by using up all his Heigus Particles to open a hole to the pod's core. Fortunately, he is rescued by Ichirou Seii, living to joke another day.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Garde PilotEdit


Tsuruuchi in his Garde's cockpit

As a senior pilot on Samari Squad, Tsuruuchi is very formidable in combat. However he is often reckless in the field (and off the field), and relies on the Heigus Cannon too much. He participates in the defense against Gauna 487, the rescue of Nagate Tanikaze and Shizuka Hoshijiro, and the final battle against the LMU ship.

Gravity CupEdit


Tsuruuchi is laid out in one spear thrust from Aoki.

Tsuruuchi participates in the Gravtity Festival against Kashiwade Aoki. However, he is knocked off his feet in and out of the cup, punched out by his CO Samari, and then taken out by Aoki.


Tsuruuchi is perhaps one of the least attractive Garde pilots, mostly due to his behavior. He has a large nose, blonde hair combed back, and blue eyes. He wears the standard issue Garde suit.


  • Tsuruuchi's only wish is to photosynthesize with his CO Samari Ittan, but so far he has completely failed to impress her.
  • In a group photo on the news, Samari and Tsuuruchi are part of the picture. Tsuruuchi is seen trying to embrace Samari, but she smoothly elbows him away.
  • Tsuruuchi's call number is 007, making him the 7th ranking Garde pilot.

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