Kashiwade Aoki (青木 柏手 Aoki Kashiwade) is a senior pilot and a member of the Akai squad.

Personality & CharacterEdit

While not much time is given to get to know Aoki or his team, he shows to be a good man. He remained optimistic of victory over Gauna 487.


Aoki is a taller man with relatively short dark hair. He wears a uniform to meet Tanikaze, then chooses a dress uniform to the sea, and finally his skin suit to combat Gauna 487.


Little is know about Aoki or his squad before the series began, just that he is a senior Garde pilot.


In the extermination mission against Gauna 487, Aoki works with his team to expose the core. Once Akai was killed, he was abandoned by Izumo, who went to go rescue an already dead Momose. He watches in horror as the tentacles close in on him. His death was not shown, but screams can be heard. He and the rest of the team were mourned on Sidonia.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • "Ao" means "blue" in Japanese.
  • His optimistic hope of victory over Gauna 487 was wrong, and he was the second to die in the battle.
  • His call number is 003, making him the third highest ranking Garde pilot on the ship.

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