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Gauna research

Captured Placenta at the ET Research Lab

The ET Research Lab ( 外生研, gaiseiken, also called the Outer Sidonia Research Laboratory or OSL, or EBD in Underwater's subs) is a laboratory positioned on the exterior of Sidonia, where long-term research on Gauna is performed. First introduced when they requested that the placental Hoshijiro be recovered, they store Placenta and placental specimens for study. The ET Research Lab is where the first placental Hoshijiro lives after her capture by Nagate.

Captured Placenta Edit

Placenta can live for an unknown amount of time after being separated from their True Body. Some Placenta die immediately after being separated from the True Body; other pieces, like GA-273's arm and placental Hoshijiro, may live on for years, perhaps even centuries.


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